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Whilst I really hope you buy into my ethical values I've described elsewhere on this website, there are many other reasons for you to choose Hereford Lettings as your preferred letting and property management specialist. Here are a few of the main ones:

Expertise in property management and building surveying

Your property will be cared for by someone who is qualified in building and has more than 30 years experience in construction, property maintenance, and routine repairs. I believe that this knowledge sets me apart from the usual letting agent/letting negotiator who come from a sales or administrative background. When maintenance works have to be carried out I have the expertise to know if its been done safely, and completed correctly without having to rely on the feedback from tenants or the contractors.

Zero VAT

You don't have to pay VAT with Hereford Lettings. As a small business, I don't pay VAT, so neither do you. If you are currently paying your existing letting agent VAT, you can save yourself 20% a month by coming to Hereford Lettings.

10% management fee

My current full management commission is 10% of the monthly rent. So, on a property that is £650 a month, my commission would be £65. And remember that I don't charge VAT. So, if your current letting agent is charging more than 10% and charges VAT, come and talk to me – I can save you money.

Rent guarantee insurance

Whilst I do everything I possibly can to let your property to the best possible tenants, it is an unfortunate fact that events can happen in life that are beyond our control. Non-payment of rent can cost you thousands of pounds, so to protect against this I offer rent guarantee insurance that covers 100% of the rental income and all legal costs incurred until the matter is resolved (up to a maximum of £50,000). I feel that this is essential if you have buy-to-let mortgage on your property, so if you choose my management service I will provide this for free during the life of the first six months tenancy agreement.

A one-off letting-only fee

This is an ideal service for landlords who wish to stay in control of their properties, but require some help to find a suitable tenant. Whatever the type and size of the property, from a one bedroom flat to a six bedroom house, my tenant find fee will always be the same: £595.

No renewal fees

Renewal fees, I'm told, occur when a tenancy needs to be renewed, and is meant to cover time and paperwork. Some have even suggested that it is needed to arrange a new set of checks.

I will never charge anyone a renewal fee, and don't understand why other letting agents need to do so either. If you have a good relationship with your tenants, they pay on time, respect the property, and they receive a visit every three months, you already know what their situation is. So, on the six or twelve month mark (depending on length of tenancy), I arrange for a visit at a time when all tenants are available, and arrange for the new tenancy agreement to be signed then.

A personal service

I strive to treat everyone as a person. You will never be just a number or a reference in my database. The main advantages of being a small business is that I'm able to get to know everyone by name, and treat everyone with dignity, respect, and as an equal.

An independent agent

I'm truly an independent agent, not a franchise or part of a larger chain. So, whilst I offer a letting-only service and full property management, I can be flexible too, and will tailor my services or 'go the extra mile' to suit individual clients needs.

Carefully-selected tenants

Drawn from a continually updated register, all prospective tenants are thoroughly vetted by a professional referencing company. In some cases I will also require a guarantor.

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